Pests are the worst uninvited guests ever. They feed on your house and create chaos everywhere. It is very hard to deal with them especially when there are a lot of misconceptions that misguide people.  

People often hesitate when it comes to hiring a pest control company. If you’re confused about taking professional help, read a few misconceptions below and clear your mind from the cloud of ambiguities. 


1- Pests Won’t Invade a Clean House  

Cleaning does not repel pests. No matter how much you keep your house neat and clean, pests will find a way to invade your house.  

As they only need food, shelter, and water for their growth which is easily available in your home. This is where you will seal all the possible entry points and seek professional help. 


2- DIY Techniques Can Eliminate Bed Bugs  

Bed bugs are very tiny and they only come out at night to feed. They form large infestations inside beds or sofas and it is extremely hard to identify and locate them. It is very hard to get rid of them using DIY techniques. Make sure you get professional help to deal with a problem like this. 


3- Pests Are Not There If You Aren’t Seeing Them  

Pests usually prefer growing their number at inaccessible locations of home. They cannot be seen unless their number exceeds to a level where infestation spots start oozing pests.  

Make a habit of thoroughly inspecting furniture and suspicious spots. Stay concerned and attentive. Get pest control services instantly if presence of pests is detected. 


4- Concrete Slab or Brick Houses Can’t be Destroyed by Termites 

 Termites cannot eat concrete and bricks. But they can crawl over them easily and harm the wood beam structure which was used to build your house. They are capable of causing considerable damage to concrete slab or brick houses. 


5- A Little Number of Pests Doesn’t Matter 

It does. A few pests can create large colonies in no time. A little number of pests can be turned into thousands in only weeks. That’s how fast they multiply. Therefore, take immediate action, even if you see a few pests. 


6- Pest Treatment Can Wait 

 A big NO. If you have detected the presence of pests in your home, do not take it lightly. They can ruin your house’s structure and furniture completely.  

Avail pest treatment service as soon as you can after detecting infestations. Because the more you put it to wait, the more it is going to cost you.  


7- Treatment Comes with Dangerous and Toxic Chemicals  

 Professional pest control services come with the promise of prioritizing health and safety over everything. Professionals will take all the precautionary measures to make sure the health and safety of their customers is not being compromised.  

For instance, you will be told to cover all your food items before spraying any chemical. In some cases you will be told to evacuate your home for a few days.  

Usually professional companies go for chemicals that are environment friendly and less toxic to elevate the level of safety.  


8-  Pest Control Services Are Not Guaranteed Or Effective  

It is the most popular and believed misconception about pest control services. People fear availing such services is only a waste of money and pests will attack shortly after they are eliminated.  

It is not true at all. If you opt for an authentic pest control company, its treatment doesn’t allow pests to crawl back again and nest in your house secretly. Professionals 100% eliminate pests and make sure your home doesn’t provide a suitable environment that encourages their growth.  

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