No one likes keeping termites in their home. They bring nothing but disaster and stress. 

First thing after discovering their presence would be to avail professional termite control services. But before you go through its treatment process you need to make sure you have taken safety precautionary measures. As their treatment involves such chemicals that might be hazardous to yours, your family’s and your pets’ lives. 

Here are 6 safety precautions you should do before availing termite control services


1- Cover All The Edibles 

All your food items should be covered before availing termite treatment. Enclose them in airtight storage boxes and make it impossible for any chemicals or toxic substances to reach them. 

During this time period, avoid cooking food in your kitchen. In this scenario, it is wise to eat all the food that comes as wrapped. 


2- Clear Your Kitchen 

Move all the items in which you cook and eat somewhere temporary. Unplug your grinder, fridge and all other appliances in the kitchen. 

It makes it convenient for professionals to do their job. 


3- Evacuate The Premises

Although pesticides take a few hours to dry, it is better not to touch or go near disinfected places. 

Staying inside while termite treatment and being exposed to pesticides can be very dangerous to your health. 

Adults can manage somehow, but keeping pets and children away from such places is a very tough job. 

It is better to evacuate your house until disinfected areas are no longer harmful if they are touched. 

Make sure to provide a proper airflow. Open windows and doors and switch on fans for a few hours. It will help pesticides to dry fast. 


4- Cooperate With Professionals 

Understand the job of professionals you’ve hired. They will let you know about dos and don’ts before starting the treatment process. It is better if you trust them for their work and let them do their job. 

Do not insist on standing and roaming around your house without wearing safety equipment. It will only do harm to your own health. Follow everything told by your professionals about the safety hazards of termite treatment. 


5- Move Furniture 

If you have a termite problem in your home, there is a great chance they are residing in your furniture. 

Move all your furniture away from the wall. It is best if you put all of it under direct sunlight. It will help kill termites and remove moisture from your furniture. 

Moreover, put your mattress, cushions, sheets and everything that was lying around your furniture under sunlight. As they might contain termites as well. 


6- Cover Up All Open Objects 

Day before availing termite control services, buy plastic wrappers. They are going to aid you a lot in this entire process. 

Clothes or newspapers do not help because pesticides can easily penetrate through them and reach objects. 

Cover every open object in your home with plastic wrappers or enclose them in a 100% termite-free cabinet. 

Getting rid of termites is a must. There is no other option. When you’re about to avail termite control services, make sure you’re going for the one that has an unbeatable customer satisfaction background. 

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